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Roon Ready

The Roon Ready program was created to support the highest levels of audio performance in the industry – and the unique user experience needs that accompany this performance – without sacrificing the simplicity, daily reliability, and flexibility expected of modern networked lifestyles.

Roon Ready devices all integrate customized versions of Roon’s RAAT streaming technology directly into their devices, for seamless integration with Roon.

High-performance networked audio

Systems like Airplay, Chromecast, Sonos, or Spotify Connect offer great experiences for basic daily operation, but they don’t support the sample rates, formats, and DSP functions of high performance audio devices.

Roon Ready devices do not limit your experience of performance audio. Devices currently in the market offer:

  • High-Res PCM sample rates up to 768khz
  • DSD rates up to Quad Speed
  • MQA Full Decoding
  • PCM Upsampling
  • DSD Upsampling

Roon understands all of the staples of the high performance audio experience and seamlessly integrates them so you can just enjoy the music.

Additionally, the Roon software architecture ensures every Roon Ready devices delivers the best performance it is capable of offering:

  • All decoding and file management is done in the Roon Core. The receiving device only copies a PCM stream from the network interface and plays it back out of its buffer.
  • Bit-perfect playback and transmission of all audio streams.
  • The receiving device is its own clock master, so it is always in total control of its audio performance.

Roon Ready integration offers the best performance possible for your devices, with no compromises.

Simplicity, reliability, and support

The Roon team doesn’t believe that valuing performance has to mean sacrificing the conveniences we’ve come to expect from a modern networked lifestyle. You should always be able to pick up any computer, tablet, or smartphone and easily browse music, press play, and send that music to any device in your home. This should happen easily, with no specialized configuration, and should work reliably every day.

Roon Ready devices are automatically discovered by Roon. As part of their development, they report their capabilities so that Roon can send content at the highest audio quality they can support, regardless of the file type being played. All Roon Ready devices can be grouped for multi-room playback to create a high-performance whole-home audio system, regardless of brands or feature capabilities.

All Roon Ready devices are tested and certified by our team to guarantee that every device works as expected, and all devices stay in our lab after certification, to be sure we can support them if you have any issues or need help with your system. Whether it’s basic features like Volume and Transport Control or advanced features like maintaining synchronization when filters with different latencies are enabled on a device, being Roon Ready means it will all work, so you can enjoy both the best of performance and modern networked technology.

Roon Tested

The Roon Tested program was created to simplify setup and configuration in the increasingly complex world of networked and computer based digital audio, and to guarantee the best support of the USB, Airplay, and Chromecast audio hardware that our customers use.

Simple enjoyment of high performance

Over the last 20 years, file-based playback, computers, streaming services, and networking have given us access to all the music in the world. Meanwhile advances in consumer digital audio – high-res PCM, DSD, MQA, and upsampling – have transformed the sound quality of even the most modest equipment. This means you can access more music that sounds better, but it can be daunting at first. We found our customers constantly asking:

  • Will my gear work with Roon?
  • How do I get the best out of it?
  • Am I doing everything right?

All Roon Tested devices are profiled by our QA team so that Roon can identify them and automatically configure its settings to be optimized for them. This means you can just plug them in and know you will be able to enjoy the best in high performance.

Support and Confidence

While Roon works with thousands of USB, Airplay, and Chromecast devices, we can’t guarantee every device works as specified. With this in mind, we build relationships with the companies who make the equipment used by our customers, so that we can have devices to work with, as well as contacts that we can reach out to if we find problems.

Roon Tested devices come to our QA team so that we can understand how they work in different environments, identify and document any issues we find, and work to resolve them with our partners. Then they stay in our lab to make it easier to support the devices if our users have questions or problems.

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