“Arguably the world’s best digital music management and playback platform"

The latest Roon reviews and awards from around the world.

Roon founder, Enno Vandermeer, discusses Roon on the cheapaudioman Youtube channel.

“By far the most sophisticated music management software, and an indispensable vehicle for exploring music.”

The Absolute Sound Editor’s Choice Awards issue (March 2022)

“(Roon) creates a simplified and seamless listening experience that lets users spend less time worrying about the mechanics of music playback and more time learning about music, artists, and production. Count me in as a firm Roon believer.”

Nucleus wins Audiophilia’s “Product of the Year” award!

“In HiFi terms, a digital front end of somewhat modest investment but one that will stand the test of time.”

“If music is your passion and you want to gain deeper insights into your favorite recording artists’ influences and collaborators, Roon is worth every cent.”

“Roon is a peerless streaming platform that appeals to those with a thirst for cross-referenceable metadata, an eye for aesthetics and an ear for music re/discovery.”

“A resounding success, Roon adds significantly to your listening pleasure and is highly recommended.”

“Roon imbues depth, character, and interconnection to your music collection. It allows for rediscovery.”

“Roon finally makes finding music, both in your home library and Roon’s supported streaming services almost as easy and intuitive as grabbing an album off the shelve.”

“If you have not done so already, then trying out Roon 1.8 is a must if you have a serious interest in playing audiophile quality digital music.”

“Amazing new UI with beautiful typography reminiscent of a Rolling Stone magazine. Great pics and vivid colors.”
“There is no question that it’s the best choice if you utilize multiple streaming platforms like Tidal, and Qobuz and want to use Roon exclusively.”
“Roon is an incomparably powerful tool for journeys of musical exploration and discovery”
“1.8 has made what was already a useable and slick interface into a more vital and immersive way of discovering music.”
“I find the new Roon to be an even more comfortable place to hang out, listening to music, and — my favorite feature — discover. “
“Roon is the best way I know to discover the music you own and the music you don’t”
“You’re going to want to sign-up and take Roon 1.8 for a test drive to see what the fuss is about.”
“Version 1.8 brings more intelligent music discovery, deeper personalisation and a redesigned, modern interface.”

“If you like Roon, there’s no doubt you’ll love the Nucleus….the Nucleus is audio’s Top Gun!”

“As a control device and browsing experience, Roon knocks most streamer control apps into a cocked hat… Best in Class.”

“Roon has revolutionised how many of us interact with our digital audio libraries in the high-end audio space.”

“Finally, all the music you love is at your fingertips 24/7 and everyone can use it.That’s true freedom of choice.”

“The integration with Roon-Ready devices is plug-and-play, and the interface is years ahead of anything else on the market.”

“This is the must-have software for hardcore music fans.”

“Roon is what Apple iTunes should have been.”

“… the results were nothing short of amazing.”

Awarded product of the decade 3 times over!

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