Roon in the press

“Finally, all the music you love is at your fingertips 24/7 and everyone can use it.That’s true freedom of choice.”

“The integration with Roon-Ready devices is plug-and-play, and the interface is years ahead of anything else on the market.”

“If you like Roon, there’s no doubt you’ll love the Nucleus….the Nucleus is audio’s Top Gun!”

“As a control device and browsing experience, Roon knocks most streamer control apps into a cocked hat… Best in Class.”

“Roon has revolutionised how many of us interact with our digital audio libraries in the high-end audio space.”

“This is the must-have software for hardcore music fans.”

“Roon is what Apple iTunes should have been.”

“… the results were nothing short of amazing.”

Introducing Roon 1.8