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About HoloAudio

HoloAudio brings you the Spring Dac. This DAC is a discrete r2r DAC with linear compensation and likely the first to implement this technlogy. Also this DAC discretely processes up to DSD512 native (not conversion). There are three models available in the USA market. Level 1 will be the base model. Level 2 aka “Rise Ji” is upgraded with Jensen Capacitors. The most anticipated model is the Level 3 which is known as the Kitsune Tuned Edition or KTE. This DAC was carefully implemented with some of the finest components. KitsuneHiFi.com is the official distributor for HoloAudioUSA. Tech support, driver updates and general information is available directly at KitsuneHiFi.​

What do I do now?

Spring DAC KTE Level 3
Spring DAC Level 1
Spring DAC Level 2
Spring 2 DAC Level 1
Spring 2 DAC Level 2
Spring 2 DAC KTE Level 3