More than just an app

Roon is a platform for all the music in your home

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Roon apps on all your devices are used to control your Roon Core at home and on the go.


The Roon Core manages all your music.


Audio devices around your home play music streamed from your Roon Core.

Get Started
Quickly and Easily

Roon is a powerful platform, but it’s easy to try out. Just download the Roon app for your Mac or Windows PC today. You can always expand your system later!

Roon Core

The Roon Core is the brain of your system. It manages your music files, streaming services, and your audio devices. The simplest, most powerful way to set up a Core is to purchase a Nucleus. You can also download and install the Roon Core for free on Mac, Windows, Linux, select QNAP and Synology NAS, and Intel NUC running ROCK.








Roon Remote connects to your Roon Core when you’re at home, letting you browse, discover, and play music via your home network. Roon’s user profiles give everyone their own favorites, playlists, tags, history, and recommendations.

You can install the free Roon Remote app on as many devices as you want. It’s available for iPad, iPhone, Android tablet and phone, Mac, and Windows.


The Roon ARC mobile app gives you the freedom to experience your entire Roon library – and Roon’s most powerful features – without compromise, wherever you are in the world.

Whether you’re working out at the gym, heading to the office, or traveling thousands of miles from home – Roon ARC gives you mobile access to your full library of artists, albums, playlist, and tags. Roon ARC makes everywhere feel like home. Roon ARC is free to Roon subscribers and available on iOS and Android.

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Audio Devices

The Roon Core streams to your audio devices, whether they’re on your network or connected via USB or HDMI. Play a different song in every room, or play the same music all around your home. You can even play music to your mobile devices.

Find out if Roon works with your gear.

Effortless multi-room

Control the music in every room of your home with Roon’s beautiful user interface. Play different music in every room, group your rooms together, or have a party with the same playlist throughout the house.

a unified music library

Roon brings all your music together, so you don’t have to worry about where it’s stored, what format it’s in, or where you stream it from. Roon supports music files stored on internal and external hard drives and NAS, your iTunes library, live radio stations, and streamed content from TIDAL and Qobuz.

Find out what Roon does with your music library.

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